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Why Access Control

  1. No more hassle of duplicating the keys
  2. Employee protection
  3. Activity monitoring and reporting
  4. It can keep tabs on staff and control their access
  5. Remote access control
  6. Customize individual schedules

What Products Do We Use?

  1. Zkteco
  2. Hikvision

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Benefits of Access Control:

1. Eliminates the need for key duplication and management, reducing the hassle and expense of keeping track of physical keys.

2. Enhances employee protection by limiting unauthorized access to sensitive areas and providing a secure working environment.

3. Enables activity monitoring and reporting, allowing you to keep track of who is accessing which areas and when, providing insights into staff movements and behavior.

4. Facilitates staff management by controlling access to specific areas, providing a flexible and customizable solution for different roles and bresponsibilities.

5. Allows for remote access control, enabling you to manage and monitor access from a centralized location, without the need for physical presence.

6. Offers the ability to customize individual schedules, giving you control over when staff can access certain areas, improving efficiency and security.